Thamus (2017)


In collaboration with Yining Fei

Voices by Spinach Williams and Yining Fei

If you look up, you can sometimes catch the vessels of Thamus gently swimming through the clouds. Launched as an aid to the shirting industry, Thamus serves dual purposes as a cargo ship and a workshop. It’s the next-step in the gig-economy, ferrying workers world-wide from gig to gig. On board each ship, the thousands of passengers prepare their cargo for the next stop. What must it feel like to be stateless, endlessly adrift?

Thamus is a speculative design project about the end-state of neoliberalism made for Dunne & Raby's Designed Realities course. In this world, massively entrenched and concentrated capital has dissolved countries' borders, blurred the boundaries between business and government, privatized all social services, and devalued labor to the point where humans get shipped along with cargo